Blood Type Diet


The aim of this diet is to eat foods that are beneficial to your blood type and avoid foods that can be dangerous for your type. Eating for your type will benefit you health-wise as well as you might lose some weight at the same time.


Blood Type Diet Guide
This diet plan was discovered by naturopathic physician Dr. D’Adamo. He discovered that if you eat foods containing proteins that are incompatible with your blood type, you may experience negative effects such as bloating, weight gain, sluggishness, a slower metabolism, and even diseases such as diabetes or cancer. When you follow a diet plan based on your blood type you could experience many positive health effects such as weight loss, more energy, better digestion, less allergies and more.

There are four blood types A, B, AB, and O.

Type A

Type A thrives on a vegetarian diet. Many vegetables, fruits, tofu, beans & grains are just a hint of what is beneficial for this type. Avoid meats, dairy and wheat. It’s recommended that their foods are organic and fresh.

Type B

Type B thrives on an omnivore diet. Because Type B’s digestive system is tolerant of most food types, they can eat a wide variety of foods including vegetables, meats and low-fat dairy. This type has some specific foods that should be avoided such as tomatoes, shellfish, chicken, most nuts and seeds, lentils and corn.

Type AB

Type AB is somewhat of a mix of type A and B. Their diet is a balanced mix of meats, dairy, vegetables, beans and grains. They have a sensitive digestive tract and they have low stomach acid, so they must eat meat in small portions during each meal. Tofu or seafood is a good protein substitute and they can enjoy dairy and most vegetables.

Type O

Type O thrives on an animal protein based diet. They don’t do well with breads, grains, legumes and beans. They have higher stomach acid content which helps in the digestion of meats. Type O’s also have a hard time digesting dairy products and eggs.


  1. If you don’t know your blood type, visit your doctor or a blood bank to get tested.
  2. Once you know your type, be sure to follow the food lists to make sure to eat only the foods that are beneficial to you and to avoid those that are dangerous to your health.


Gentle exercise is encouraged for Type A’s – walking, yoga and swimming are all good. Type B’s should exercise moderately – any exercise is great, as long as its done to a moderate level. Calming exercise is great for Type AB’s such as yoga or tai chi. It is recommended that O’s exercise vigorously – they need lots of exercise at high intensity.


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Good For Your Health:


  • Eating this way could lead to weight loss and many other health changes for the better.
  • There are many great resources out there with lists of foods allowed and not allowed for each Type. Check out links below to apps for your iPhone or books to guide you.


  • It may force some people to eat a certain way that they normally wouldn’t eat, not taking into consideration personal tastes, preferences or dietary needs. For example: a vegetarian who is type O might have a real hard time accepting this diet, because type O’s primarily eat meats.
  • No real clinical conclusions have been made that blood type and foods you eat are related in any way.
  • Changing your whole way of eating might take some getting used to. Following long lists to discover what you can and can’t eat can be daunting. Check out apps for the iPhone to help, below. You can take the app with you to the grocery store to help you shop.

Recommended Resources:


bloodtype diet book - eat right for your type


Blood Type Diet Guide

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  1. Linda B Holcomb

    I have digestive health problems. I was amazed to read the Type O list of foods to avoid. I had already decided that the foods listed were the foods that made me sick. I will be following this diet strictly!

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