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kelly on a hikeRAE: I began my own weight loss journey in January of 2012 and lost the 20 pounds I needed to get off and I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life – I actually have muscles! It feels good to be strong. I haven’t reached my goals just yet, but working towards them while being around like-minded individuals (you guys) is so inspiring and rewarding. I’m always online researching and finding inspiration on social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have been interested in healthy food for years. I love how fresh foods make me feel about 1000x better than when I eat poorly. It’s obvious proof to me that you are what you eat. Sure, sometimes I give in and eat food that isn’t so great for me, but I know that food is the absolute key to being healthy and I always go back to unprocessed and fresh foods. I became a vegetarian back in 1999 and slowly working towards vegan-ism, as I find no dairy products or animal products makes me feel best. I say, find what works best for you, and go that route. There is not one single diet that is best for everyone. Each and every person is different.

My fitness interests include hiking, dancing, kickboxing, at-home body-weight workouts, bike riding, walking and jogging. Aside from my healthy habits, I also enjoy cooking, eating, camping, travelling and hanging out with my two kitties Leroy and Chester. I also enjoy an occasional beer or sweetie!

If you ever have any questions about anything send me a message through our contact page and I’ll get right back to you.

IMG_1181KASEY: My childhood was spent running around cardio equipment, watching my dad teach spin class, and causing trouble on the weight floor. It is safe to say that I have spent equal or more time in gyms and athletics clubs then in my own home. With parents who played professional racquetball and managed an athletic club in the Portland, Oregon area, most of my life has been centered around sports and health and fitness. I played basketball and tennis in high school and continued to play basketball during my four years at university and am grateful everyday for the role collegiate sports plays in my life.

I love working for Women’s Diet Network and being able to surround myself with healthy ideas, positive thoughts, and a deeper connection to my body and a likeminded community. In addition to Women’s Diet Network, I work at a winery and though it goes without saying, I love wine. I also love hiking, playing tennis, lifting weights, my combat boots, running with my yellow lab Carlos, dancing, drinking margaritas, and indulging in chocolate as much as I can. I hate cardio, the fact that Nutella has calories, and pickles. I believe in hard work, moderation, and having fun.