Upper Body Blast

upper body

This is a the perfect cardio and strength workout when you are crunched for time. You can do it at home or in the gym all you need is a timer and weights. I use “Interval Timer” on the iphone. It is a free app that allows you to completely customize your fitness routine. You can set the length or your warm up, intervals, and cool down.


1. Do each exercise for one minute. You will rotate between strength and cardio moves.

2. Start each exercise in full effort. If you tire before the minute is up, modify until you build your cardio and strength. Example: if you tire while doing curls using your heaviest weight before the minute is up, move to a lighter weight and finish the minute. Same with push ups, start on your feet and more to your knees if you need to.

3. After the first circuit rest for one minute

4. Complete 2-3 circuits



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