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Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls recipe These are absolutely one of my favorite foods to eat! So fresh and tasty! And so versatile. You can seriously add anything you want in them. Make them vegan/vegetarian or add some meat if you’d like. You could even go fruity with them if you wanted! I’ve made them a couple times for family functions and people flock to these. People of all ages love them, kiddo’s do too – probably because they are fun little rolled up treats! Might be a good way to get your kids to eat their veggies!

fresh Vietnamese spring rollsFirst you’re going to want to decide what you want to fill these beauties up with. Veggies are great! Any kind really: sprouts, spinach, shredded carrots, shredded cucumber, avocado, mushrooms, cilantro, bell pepper, lettuce, fresh basil, fresh mint… the list can go on and on. You can also add cooked meats: shrimp, chicken, beef or pork. Some people even add cooked vermicelli noodles. Prepare by chopping up veggies or meats with a great knife like the Gourmet Nakiri Vegetable Knife .
spring roll rice paper
The rice papers can be purchased at pretty much any grocery store in the Asian foods section. I recommend the Banh Trang Spring Roll Wrapper. Available on Amazon.
They come flat in a bag (sort of how tortillas come packaged). They are hard like plastic, but will break easily if you bend them. To make them soft is super easy! All you do is get a shallow dish (pie pans work great!) and add up to an inch of warm water (warm is key!!). Place a rice paper sheet in the water and let soak for about 5 seconds, flip over and soak another 5 – or until its soft. Pull out of the water carefully, making sure not to let it fold over on itself, otherwise you will have a sticky mess and might not be able to unstick very easily. Place rice paper flat on a plate and start adding your fillings to the middle, leaving at least an inch on each side for folding over. You could add sauces if you’d like: lime juice, hoisin sauce, or hot sauce such as Sriracha. Fold over two ends and roll the other two into each other like a burrito. And there you have it! A gluten free, low-carb meal or snack. Could be vegan, vegetarian or for meat eaters. These could be considered budget food too, if you stick with veggies. Have fun, experiment and try new options. You could also dip in peanut sauce, sweet chili sauce or soy sauce if you’d like, but they are pretty tasty as is.

vegetable spring rollsVEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS

Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimpSPRING ROLLS WITH SHRIMP

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