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Why Drink More Water?

Want to improve your skin, health, and aid your weight loss efforts? Drink more water. This tried and true method gets over looked too often. The popular 17 Day Diet suggests you drink at least 8 eight cups daily and during the jumpstart phase of the Flat Belly Diet, 8 cups of “sassy water” are mandatory. But can this tasteless liquid really live up to all its claims read on to find out…


Health Benefits of Drinking Water:

  1. Healthier  Skin-Forget about  expensive creams or beauty treatments. Drinking water is the free way to hydrate your skin, prevent acne, and prevent wrinkles. 
  2. Remove Toxins-Water flushes toxins from your body especially from your digestive tract. The kidney system is dependent on water to do its work. Water also helps get rid of excess nitrogen and ketones which is important when following a high protein diet.
  3. Cushions and Supports Joints & Muscles-Water makes up a large part of the fluid that lubricates joints and also a lack of water is a known cause of muscle cramps.
  4. Regulates Body Temperature-Drinking water regulates the bodies temperature which is important during exercise and these warm summer days.
  5. Reduces Risk of Heart Attack- A study of 20,000 healthy men and women found that those who drank up to 8 glasses of water were less likely to die of heart attack or heart disease than those who only drank two cups daily.

Weight Loss Benefits:

  1. Energy Shot-Dehydration causes fatigue and headaches staying hydrated all day is your best hope to avoid these symptoms.
  2. Keeps You Full-Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between hunger and thirst. Drinking 8-16 ounces of water 15-30 minutes before meals will help you know the difference and perhaps cause you to leave a few bites on your plate. 
  3. Burns Fat- Water aids digestion and metabolism for these functions to work properly you must replace the water you lose daily which can be up to 10 cups. 
  4. Builds Muscle-Dehydration decreases protein synthesis which is the process that builds muscles costing you energy and causing your body to store calories instead of burn them.

Is water too boring for your palate? Try these 40 Spa Waters that are sure to add a little variety to your life.

What is your favorite thirst quencher?

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