Yoga as been defined as “union with the divine” and is used in many religions as a way to connect with God and gain peace. In health communities, it has been known to promote flexibility and balance. Read on for eight reasons to start practicing yoga today. 

yoga is beneficial!

    1. Flexibility: The most obvious benefit of yoga is increased flexibility. You may not be able to touch your toes during the first session but with consistent sessions the muscles begin to lengthen and you will be able to touch them in no time.
    2. Relieves Pain: As the muscles begin to loosen, aches and pain will disappear. Tight hips affect the knees and tight hamstring muscles create lower back pain. Studies show that two 90 minute sessions of yoga a week reduce soreness by 56 percent. Read more in The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health
    3. Happy Hour: Yoga can reduce cortisol levels and increases GBA levels, both chemicals in the brain. It may not sound like much but low levels of GBA and high levels of cortisol are linked to depression. Yoga also increases serotonin levels and produces endorphins.
    4. Strength Test: Yoga not only builds strength but it does so while increasing flexibility. When you lift weights your muscles shorten and lengthen as they contract. During yoga, you hold up your own body weight and the muscles experience an isometric contraction (they do not lengthen or shorten). This type of muscle contraction is similar to what a ballet dancer experiences and creates longer and leaner muscles.
    5. Anywhere, Anytime: Yoga doesn’t require any special equipment to participate. Yoga mats are suggested and prevent slipping but aren’t necessary. I recommend the Giaim Yoga Mat . Take your mat and head to the beach, park, or enjoy yoga in your living room.
    6. Hotter Sex: You may not have thought of better sex as one of yogas benefits but exercise is linked to increased libido. Yoga helps to reduce anxiety and increase awareness with ones body, it even speeds the release of hormones that ignites arousal. Read more in this book called Better Sex Through Yoga.
    7. Joint Help: As your practice yoga, your body moves its joints through its entire range of motion. This action helps to lubricate your joints and prevent arthritis.
    8. Body Confidence: Studies show that women who practice yoga report higher confidence levels then women who do aerobics alone even when their weight was similar. This benefit can be associated to the fact the yoga helps you focus on what your body can do and not what it looks like.

    “For me, yoga is not just a workout – it’s about working on yourself.” ~ Mary Glover

    Begin your path to mental, spiritual, physical, and sexual health with this yoga sequence. Get out your Yoga Mat and hold each pose as best you can for 10 sec. Increase the time you hold a pose as your strength and balance increase. A good thick Yoga Mat will be best for anyone as some poses might be hard on the joints.


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