10 Commandments of Weight Loss

Stop Coveting
Your first step to weight loss is to compare yourself to yourself and yourself only. We all compare ourselves to the 5 foot 8 inch girl we know who weighs 120 pounds and eats BLT’s everyday. Competing with others will only hinder us of reaching out own goals. Love Yourself!
Have a Plan
Make a plan and stick to it. Plan your meals and workout to make it easier to accomplish your goals. Realize your faults and plan around them. If you always skip breakfast, make something in advanced that you just have to heat up (our egg muffins are prefect for busy mornings) or buy some low sugar protein bars to have on-the-go.
Plan Cheat Meals 
If you really want to lose weight you need to eat clean and accept that a [...]

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Bouldering and the Importance of Moderation

I spent this past weekend and earlier this week in Portland, Oregon visiting friends in family. Four days spent in beautiful weather was just the thing I needed to recharge my batteries. Although, fun and exciting vacations can also be difficult and exhausting. During a vacation, it is hard to stick to your diet and workout routine and if you are anything like me, you love routine. Normally, I stress about keeping my diet strict and finding time for long workouts.

I decided to approach this trip a little differently. To let loose, enjoy the trip, and get back in routine when vacation was over. I enjoyed every bit of vegan chocolate and every bite of a black bean burger I put into my mouth (it was Oregon). I didn’t forsake all workouts [...]

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Short on Time? Blast 100 calories Fast

Only got ten minutes to get in a workout?
Or maybe 30 minutes fits your schedule. This fat blasting, tone-up circuit fits in any schedule. One round is exactly ten minutes and will get your heart moving, tone your muscles  and blast 100 calories. If you have more time, do the circuit multiple times and watch your fat cry! Do each exercise for one minute followed directly by the next exercise. Ten moves completes one circuit. If you are doing multiple circuits, rest one minute in-between. Use a Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch to help keep track of time.

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Burn Baby Burn


**Calories based on a 150 pound women.

Another way to track how many calories you’ve burned or how high your heart rate has gotten during a workout, or how long you’ve worked out is by using a heart rate monitor watch. There are many varieties out there. Some way more expensive than others. With the cheaper ones you might not be able to trust the accuracy. Here are a couple options that I recommend. Click the image to find it in Amazon.

Polar Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch – currently about $102 on Amazon with free shipping!

Oregon Scientific Se331 Gaiam Zone Trainer [...]

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Pushup Challenge

Push-ups are hands down one of my favorite moves to incorporate into my workouts. Push-Ups don’t just work your chest and perk up yours boobs, they tone the whole body. A pushup primarily works the chest but it also tones and strengthens your triceps, shoulders, lower legs, and abs.
There is a beginner or a more advanced option to choose from in this challenge. In the beginner challenge, you will start at 3 pushups and work your way to 20 consecutive. The second option you will start at 8 Push-Ups and move up to 40. To improve your strength even further try do multiple sets two days a week. For example on Mondays and Fridays, do 2-3 sets of pushups. Remember, keep your body tight and move through the movements slowly.
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Shake It Up


Cardio can be one of the most boring and tedious parts of a fitness routine if you make it that way. Follow these tips to trade in your boring routine for something that will keep you going and wondering where the time went.

Mix it Up
Four 60 minute sessions weekly on the elliptical aren’t going to inspire anyone to head to the gym. Try not repeating the same session in a week. It will keep things interesting and maybe you might start to look forward it.
Try a Class 
Participating in a class will keep you motivated through the entire workout. Try zumba, kickboxing, or cycle for some mega calorie burning. Or if you feel shy or uncomfortable taking a class, try watching workout videos at home like the Zumba® Weight Loss Program DVD. You’ll [...]

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Just a little weekly fitness motivation

This motivational quote is so true. First you have to have the motivation to get off your butt and get exercise. Then you can focus on forming the healthy fitness habits. I’ve read online that it takes about 66 days (roughly 2 months) to form a good solid habit. I think thats doable. Nothing is instantaneous! As much as we wish it could be, its not. You have to work at it. Just like you have to work at getting the body you want, or the health you desire, you must work at forming the habits to do so.

So, go on, start today. Get on your workout gear, put your headphones on your head with your upbeat playlist and walk out the door towards whatever exercise you can do. You can do it! I’m going to right now! You should [...]

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