Crazy for Crossfit

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program designed to increase ten levels of overall fitness. According to the Crossfit website, the ten general physical skills are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.

The fitness movement started in 2000 and is now practiced at over 6000 gyms in the country. But you don’t have to go to a gym to enjoy the benefits of this intense fitness program. Follow these beginner workouts to get started in the Crossfit world. The best part about it, it can be done at home. Below there are five workouts to start with and as your fitness level increases you can do multiple workouts in a session or add to the amount of rounds you complete.
Workout #1
10 pushups, 10 squats, and 10 [...]

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This months challenge is based on the previous challenges that we have completed. We have done squats, pushups, and core workouts. So in the August Abs challenge we are bringing it to the next level (it might be a challenge for someone just starting out but you can always adjust it according to your level). August 1 starts with 50 crunches if you can’t do 50 crunches in a row, do as many as possible, rest and begin again until you do 50. Do the same with the bicycle crunches on August 2 and the preceding days. More rest will be required in this challenge as well. Your body is doing more work and it is important to give it rest so that your muscles can recover and rebuild, Sculpting a longer and leaner body.
absRead more

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Short on Time? Blast 100 calories Fast

Only got ten minutes to get in a workout?
Or maybe 30 minutes fits your schedule. This fat blasting, tone-up circuit fits in any schedule. One round is exactly ten minutes and will get your heart moving, tone your muscles  and blast 100 calories. If you have more time, do the circuit multiple times and watch your fat cry! Do each exercise for one minute followed directly by the next exercise. Ten moves completes one circuit. If you are doing multiple circuits, rest one minute in-between. Use a Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch to help keep track of time.

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Pushup Challenge

Push-ups are hands down one of my favorite moves to incorporate into my workouts. Push-Ups don’t just work your chest and perk up yours boobs, they tone the whole body. A pushup primarily works the chest but it also tones and strengthens your triceps, shoulders, lower legs, and abs.
There is a beginner or a more advanced option to choose from in this challenge. In the beginner challenge, you will start at 3 pushups and work your way to 20 consecutive. The second option you will start at 8 Push-Ups and move up to 40. To improve your strength even further try do multiple sets two days a week. For example on Mondays and Fridays, do 2-3 sets of pushups. Remember, keep your body tight and move through the movements slowly.
Read more

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Shake It Up


Cardio can be one of the most boring and tedious parts of a fitness routine if you make it that way. Follow these tips to trade in your boring routine for something that will keep you going and wondering where the time went.

Mix it Up
Four 60 minute sessions weekly on the elliptical aren’t going to inspire anyone to head to the gym. Try not repeating the same session in a week. It will keep things interesting and maybe you might start to look forward it.
Try a Class 
Participating in a class will keep you motivated through the entire workout. Try zumba, kickboxing, or cycle for some mega calorie burning. Or if you feel shy or uncomfortable taking a class, try watching workout videos at home like the Zumba® Weight Loss Program DVD. You’ll [...]

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Tank Top Arms

tank top arms

Summer is officially here. Well, almost. But, if you live in my neck of the woods, summer arrived two months ago. I had to break out the tank tops and shorts earlier then planned. This workout focuses on your triceps, biceps, and shoulders as those muscles are the most revealed in a tank.







A Dumbbell Set or a Resistance Exercise Band is required and the above are recommended.
Welcome to the Gun Show

15 pushups 
12 Shoulder [...]

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Fitness Challenge – June Shape Up – Arms + Core

Challenges are excellent at building strength, muscle and endurance. You will be surprised at how good you get at specific exercises and will be so proud of yourself – which in turn will build momentum for you to be better.
“If you continuously compete with others you will become BITTER. If you continuously compete with yourself you will become BETTER.”
This months fitness challenge is a mix of exercises, rather than focusing on one specific Muscle group. Last month we did the plank challenge - and I kept planks in this month because a few people loved them. I started out slightly simple for beginners – but if you’d like to up the time on some of these – go for it! Remember: It doesn’t matter if you start at the beginning of the month or not, just start! This calendar is used as a guide [...]

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Yoga as been defined as “union with the divine” and is used in many religions as a way to connect with God and gain peace. In health communities, it has been known to promote flexibility and balance. Read on for eight reasons to start practicing yoga today. 
yoga is beneficial!

Flexibility: The most obvious benefit of yoga is increased flexibility. You may not be able to touch your toes during the first session but with consistent sessions the muscles begin to lengthen and you will be able to touch them in no time.
Relieves Pain: As the muscles begin to loosen, aches and pain will disappear. Tight hips affect the knees and tight hamstring muscles create lower back pain. Studies show that two 90 minute sessions of yoga a week reduce soreness by 56 percent. Read more in The Woman’s Book of Yoga and HealthRead more

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12 Low-Impact Exercises

I’ve been asked by a few about low-impact exercises for anyone who has injuries or even for seniors who have a harder time starting an exercise routine at this time in their lives. Well, its never too late to start and I’d like to offer up a list of wonderful low-impact exercises for beginners. Remember: with any exercise routines you do, start off slow and only do the exercises you can do based on your body and if you have any injuries avoid doing anything that might harm you. Seek help from professionals when you can and get a trainer if you can afford it. And remember the most important thing is to have fun!
SONY DSC1. Walking: The number one used low-impact exercise. It requires basically no equipment except shoes, of course. You can walk in your neighborhood, [...]

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Top 9 Fitness Ball Exercises for Beginners

fitness ball workoutHave you ever used a fitness ball? A Fitness Ball is a large ball – about 14-32 inches in diameter (the size you should get depends on your height – the taller you are, the bigger the ball) filled with air and generally used for physical therapy, exercise and athletic training. It’s also known as: stability ball, exercise ball, body ball, Swiss ball, Balance Ball , birth ball, gym ball, therapy ball, yoga ball, Swedish ball and Ab ball. This ball is great for working the whole body.
There are tons of exercises you can do on it to help build muscles and help with your balance. I recommend the Body Balance Ball by Gaiam Read more

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